I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you in creating and guiding my financial plans. I enjoy both of you and the wisdom you bring about my retirement. I am so glad I found you.


As 10-year clients of Bussenger Financial we are very pleased with the investments offered to us. Lisa, Terry and Nicole have treated us as if we were part of their family and have often asked us and other Clients how they can make their business more client friendly. The request for client input did not come along with a sales pitch for a product, but as a genuine WANT TO KNOW HOW WE ARE DOING AS A BUSINESS. I would recommend to everyone to have a sit-down conversation with them to discuss your financial concerns.

Louis & Nancy

Bussenger Financial Group has been a wise choice for me as I entered & move forward in my retirement. Lisa & Terry are ethical, knowledgeable & respectful & a pleasure to discuss my financial hopes & dreams with. In addition to regular reviews, BFG offers ongoing educational support both in person & online in a professional way, and are very responsive to calls. I strongly urge any family or single person to contact Bussenger Financial Group to discuss wealth management & retirement planning.


We had been with another financial investment firm for more than 20 years but finally realized that our monies were stagnant and not increasing in value but didn’t know why. One of our relatives had done a lot of research on different financial planners and told us to contact the Bussenger Financial Group since they impressed him with their down-to-earth approach. We met with Lisa and Terry and soon learned that high fees were among the reasons for the disappointing results on our investments. We switched all our investment dollars into their capable hands and have been very happy with our decision. We meet on a quarterly basis to discuss our portfolios and all our questions are answered thoroughly and with great expertise. We heartily recommend the Bussenger Financial Group to those seeking solid investment advice.

Linda & John

When we retired, we were not sure what to do with our 401k’s. Lisa Bussenger helped us by suggesting various programs. Her advice has made our living easier with our retirement funds. We are now set for the rest of our lives on a fixed income which, combined with SS, takes the financial worry out of our remaining years. Bussenger has always been there for us and continues to be an important part of our retirement years.

Ron & JoMarie

It’s been 11 years since we choose to let the Bussenger Group handle our financial holdings. We made the right choice!! Since then, we moved to AZ for the winters and made that our home state. We return to IL for 3-4 months in the Summer. Our home of residence is AZ. This has not made any difference in Lisa and Terry Bussenger handling our accounts. Their concern for our financial health and retirement has been the BEST!!

Back in 2008 we had our investments with Merrill Lynch and had been with them for over 30 years. But, in retirement (2002) they did not recognize a need for us to change to a less risk position. This played big in 2008 when the market took a big hit as did our holdings. We were paying them fees in a loosing market. We wanted a safer direction for our position in life. Talked to them about a goal of 80% safe and 20% risk. They could not take us there, even moving some investments to low risk that still played in the market but at our low-risk goals. And these moves were in companies they dealt with. We started looking and attending presentations by many groups. Lisa Bussenger made the most sense, so we set up a meeting to review our finances, goals and needs. A plan was presented to us that met our 80/20 goal. Lisa handled all the transitions from Merrill Lynch and the money was moved into investments that were safe for people in our 70’s. Adjustments have been made as needed over the 11 years to insure our goals were met. We watch our holdings grow every year and with less risk. Also, sleep better at night.

Lisa’s suggestions and direction have been right on. We are in control, but Lisa gives us direction. We made the right move back in 2010.

Jim & Nancy

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